VEGANOK was founded to promote and spread a culture that respects life and the environment, also to the benefit of those who are not Vegan or Vegetarian, as such values may and shall be considered a common heritage.

The company that decides to self-declare its vegan services and products through the VEGANOK standard, does so in compliance with the European regulation UNI EN ISO 14021, type II environmental labelling, carried out without independent third parties verification, by manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers, certifications, without prejudice to the autonomy of the VEGANOK team to carry out independent random checks on the company’s products and procedures. This regulation does not replace or intends to intervene in current legislation, but aims at setting up a further specific reference to the Ethic/Environmental aspect that VEGANOK is involved in. Therefore, the current Laws are to be applied to each and every aspect or field of application, without any exclusion whatsoever. The labelling of the product shall meet the requirements as described in the current Laws and Regulations. The VEGANOK Ethical Regulations shall be considered as constantly evolving guidelines, subject to improvements and always available for public consultation at

Beyond the standard certification, it is possible to ask for an external check.


There are four different VEGANOK Ethics Regulations (request the documents to [email protected]) for the different areas of reference, and an additional specification for the collection of truffles:

1) Disciplinare Standard (August 2019)
2) Disciplinare Ristorazione
(January 2017)
3) Disciplinare Editoria/Arte
(January 2015)
4) Disciplinare Professioni (January 2015)
5) Disciplinare aggiuntivo Raccolta Tartufi (June 2013)
6) VeganOK Regulations (English Version 2017)
7) Allegato B – Utilizzo marchio VEGETALOK (August 2019)

For more information on costs and to request documentation for products certification: [email protected]

For more information on the free certification for catering, professions, art and publishing: [email protected]