Organic Brown Rice Caserecce with Spirulina

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Product Description

Organic brown rice pasta with Spirulina is naturally gluten-free and made without animal origin ingredients.
Brown rice is a source of fibre and energy, is easier to digest and has a detoxifying effect. Thanks to the presence of our Spirulina, the pasta also has more protein, more satiating power and a lower glycemic index. In addition to this, beta-carotene helps prevent cellular ageing and it eliminates free radicals more easily.
Our pasta is perfect for a daily diet and particularly suitable for coeliacs and vegans because it is rich in proteins, essential for a balanced diet. It is, also, ideal for sportsmen and women, for a healthy intake of wholegrain carbohydrates, for a light lunch and for a special and creative dinner.
Bronze-drawn and dried slowly at a low temperature, our pasta holds its cooking perfectly.
Pasta with Spirulina Becagli is a healthy product of great quality, excellent to be accompanied by any type of sauce and seasoning, very versatile, which will make your dishes excellent in presentation and taste.

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Produced by Severino Becagli
Via Ghino Valenti 12 - 00191
Roma P.IVA 13693571005

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