Graffione Cremonese – Gift Box

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A shell of rough dark chocolate holds a cherry heart in a sea of sweet liqueur. This precious Habsburg recipe has been handed down thanks to some pastry chefs who preserved its originality by renaming it in the authentic Cremonese dialect “Sgrafignòon” (duracino cherry).

Tosca produces the true graffione worthy of that ancient Court with skilful recipes, which dominated the city of Torrazzo. The secret of this rare balance of bitter chocolate and turgid cherries in liqueur has come down to the present day, as it was then. entirely in the hands of man, it is now re-proposed by Tosca who has touched her jewel.

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Brand: Tosca Cremona
Via Ghino Valenti 12 - 00191
Roma P.IVA 13693571005

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