Gocce d’acqua – Body Butter Light Pearl

Product Description

The BodyButter are illuminating creamy emulsions uniforming for the body, based on pure shea butter with very high% and vitamin E. Despite the consistency and its extremely rich and nourishing texture, it is quickly absorbed, thanks to the formulation based exclusively on vegetal elements and natural minerals, WITHOUT WAX, SILICONES, PEG, petrolatum. The pure shea butter from Ghana and natural vitamin E have the property of deeply nourish and regenerate the dermis, stimulating cell turnover. The particular texture covers the skin and creates a barrier between the skin surface and the external elements, protecting the skin from moisture and impurities and external environmental damage, while maintaining the moisture balance, counteracting dryness, dehydration and aging. The epidermis gains compactness and softness, elasticity. The emulsion is enriched with natural mineral powders and pigments which give the formulation and uniforming illuminating property. The multiple fragrances are inspired by the cycle of the seasons and have been carefully selected according to their goodness and dermatological absence of allergens

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