Holistic consultant, Rebirther and Peer Educator.

Since 2002, Fabiola has been practicing with private clients supporting them in their search for themselves. She has always brought passion and enthusiasm to her work. Using a truly dedicated and personalized approach, she helps people to reconsider every main sphere of their lives including relationships,  friendship, parenting, career and money.

Fabiola gives individual and group rebirthing sessions, dry sessions, warm and / or cold water sessions.

She holds introductory seminars on Rebirthing, Vegetarianism and Veganism.

She provides support to women who are trying to conceive or who are pregnant and to parents for a holistic and conscious approach to birth and child education.

She is a passionate vegan chef who follows the basic principles of Natural Hygiene.

Fabiola’s mission is to peacefully assist whoever she comes across to raise their ethical awareness.