Date of Birth: 24/10/1988, Vegan from 2013 with all my family (My husband and our two children).
Work experience:
August 2020: Founder of an Italian online vegan cooking school: Arianna Vegan Academy. She teaches people to eat in a healthy, tasty and balanced way with her recipes. The course is also for caterers who wants to introduce vegan dishes into their kitchen.
March 2020: Owner of her second home business take away “Vegan What?” in Gibraltar.
2019: Author of “Delicious, Appealing and Vegan!”, a vegan cooking book. It has been published in other two languages: Italian with the title “Goloso, bello e vegano!” and Spanish “Sabroso, atractivo y vegano!”. All are available on Amazon.
2018 : Vegan Food Blogger on Facebook and Instagram page “Le creazioni vegane di Arianna”.
Owner and executive chef at “Arianna Vegan Creations”, a home based business take-away in
Gibraltar. She started this business on her own, thanks to her love for cooking. She planned a menu of Italian
traditional dishes revisited in vegan version. Customers are able to order their favourite dishes by Apps (like
Just Eat). Her vegan dessert, “Arianna’s tiramisù” was so successful that the local TV GBC wanted her for
an interview to talk about her heritage and cuisine.