Arianna Giorgetti, born in 1988, Vegan Chef of the VEGANOK Academy and teacher of vegetable nutrition.
She was born in Terni, she moved to Rome at the age of 18 where she formed her own family.
In 2013 she turns her life upside down and becomes vegan together with her husband and their two children.
In 2016 she moved to Gibraltar and, in 2018, she created her Catering “Arianna Vegan Creations” selling traditional Italian dishes revisited in a vegan key.
In the same year, his first video interview was released on local TV, GBC.
A sweet most of all satisfies the palates of the English, her “Arianna’s Tiramisù” the only recipe that has still remained a great secret for everyone.
In the same year she made her first live TV appearance on GBC, tasting some of her dishes live.
A few months later, overwhelmed by her love for people and for cooking, she decided to create the Facebook page “Le Creazioni Vegane di Arianna”, with the aim of teaching as many people as possible how to cook vegan with simplicity and taste. Arianna’s Vegan Creations is not just a page of recipes, but a small step towards the awareness that being vegan is possible and, above all, within everyone’s reach and for this reason I invest a large part of my time in helping others.
In 2019, her first book of vegan recipes in Italian “Goloso, bello e vegano!” was released on Amazon. also translated into English and Spanish.
In the same year, an interview was published in “The Gibraltar Magazine”, where she presented her book in the English version to the English-speaking public.
A few months later another interview was published in “The Globe Magazine”.
Many of her recipes in the blog, on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and in her book.
In September 2020 she created “Arianna Vegan Academy”, the complete online vegan cooking and nutrition school, from A to Z, which teaches people to eat healthy and tasty food with 100% vegetable foods, transforming students into cooking experts vegan.
In 2021 Arianna is co-presenter and Vegan Chef of the TV program ”Vegan Curious”, broadcast on Gibraltar’s local TV, the GBC.
A year later, the recipe book ”VEGAN…NOT STRANO!” was released on Amazon.