Alessandra Mela, a vegan by ethical choice for about nine years, currently works as a Biologist Nutritionist, is a teacher of Vegetable Nutrition at the School of Nutrition Salerno (SNS) and studies to acquire the title of international operator of Ayurvedic Medicine.
She attended the University of Biological Sciences, obtaining a degree in Experimental and Applied Biology with 110 cum laude, then continued his studies in Biomedical Sciences with CV in Medical Pathophysiology, acquiring the title of Doctor of Research (PhD).
During the PhD, the research focused on diseases such as celiac disease, liver diseases, both in pediatrics and adulthood and several studies on the immune system.
At the same time, she has carried out a comprehensive Human Nutrition course and has been working as a Nutritionist for several years.
Her work is carried out in order to help the patient in any difficoltà, from overweight and obesity problems, underweight, intestinal problems, family nutrition education, organization of family menus, but also canteens or RSAs. She deals with patients in pregnancy, breastfeeding, weaning and children of pediatric age.
She offers personalised nutritional approaches for sportsmen and women, both amateur and competitive, identifying the most appropriate integration for the different sports and for the different phases.
Nutritional approaches follow different scientifically proven strategies ranging from ketogenic and holoproteic protocols, to different lifestyles as vegetarian or totally vegetarian, looking for the best systems for healthy individuals and those with diseases.
Whenever possible it carries out, for animal welfare associations, promotional activities for 100% vegetarian and cruelty free nutrition, informing people of the possibility of making this choice at any time of life.
In addition, she provides information about vegan and 100% vegetable nutrition through events organized to raise funds for animals and has been supporting for several years the ITALY refuge in Ukraine founded by a fellow countryman of ours. In his spare time, she works as a volunteer for animals and people.