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VEGANOK is the first and only standard for Ethical Vegan products created in Italy, whose staff is entirely vegan. In depth knowledge of every aspect of the Vegan choice characterizes our work. VEGANOK is the most known ethical standard with over 1000 companies, services and tens of thousands of products certified around the world.

VEGANOK Network is an articulate editorial and ethic organization.

The Network numbers: more than 75,000 pages are viewed daily, generating an average traffic of 2 million and a half pages / month. A newsletter sent every week to all members with the latest news.

Network websites:

VEGANOK is the first certification for Ethical Vegan products created in Italy www.veganok.com

PROMISELAND.IT is the most influential and consulted website about Ethics and Vegan news in Italy www.promiseland.it

VEGANBLOG.IT is the most important community of Vegan cooking enthusiasts with over 20,000 recipes accompanied by photographs, explanations, comments, suggestions and with 800 chefs who daily share new recipes www.veganblog.it

VeganFest is the largest vegan festival in Europe organized by VEGANOK Network team in cooperation with Associazione Vegani Italiani Onlus www.veganfest.it

VEGANOK TV is the first vegan television channel with inquiries, reports, insights and information about vegan ethics and animal rights. It owns of VEGANOK TG NEWS, the first vegan news broadcast, and VeganFest LIVE, the first vegan television broadcast on the web and on DTT  www.veganok.tv

OSSERVATORIO VEGANOK is a statistical reporting organization for journalists, companies, analysts and associations, which provides official and updated data on vegan market www.osservatorioveganok.com

VEGANOK ADV is a vegan communication agency that provides marketing and communication services for companies adv.veganok.com

VEGANOK ACADEMY, vegan cooking school for catering professionals and students www.veganokacademy.com

VEGANOK PHARMACIES, scientific training courses for pharmacists and health professionals

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It is strictly forbidden to use VEGANOK trademark for commercial purposes without permission. Any commercial use must be explicitly authorized.

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