Report a non-compliant product

This verification service confirms VEGANOK’s desire to be completely transparent.The service is unique and no other vegan standard in the world offers you such advanced tools. The reports are updated in real time to guarantee you informed purchases and to give you the opportunity to verify without a doubt the legitimacy of what the manufacturer declares.

VEGANOK is more than a regular “certification”.

VEGANOK provides strict controls on the labels of certified products. However, like any verification process on external companies, there is the remote possibility of mistakes.

Both VEGANOK and the network of vegan activists collaborate by reporting any product that may raise doubts and by carrying out continuous checks on the products. Thanks to this way of proceeding there are no, thus far, documented cases of real consumer fraud. There are only isolated cases of human mistakes in the printing of labels, especially in the case of small “artisanal” productions where the manual skill of the procedures is an integral part of the production phase.

Those companies which start even the smallest vegan certification process must be helped to understand and improve themselves so that they further incentivize plant-based production and know that their further efforts will always be supported by the entire vegan community.

These are the reasons why we invite everyone to report any cases of non-compliant products, directly by filling out the specific form on this page (not via email or on our social channels), attaching a photo of the front and back product, as well as of the place and date of purchase.

VEGANOK Quality Control office will immediately proceed with the necessary checks with the manufacturing company, making public both the results of the verification and the measures that the company will adopt. The company may have to recall the product form the market of or modify it, alert consumers about the mistake made by defining the details and distribution. 

Thanks for your cooperation and… Go VEGANOK!


    Here are the cases currently documented and made public by VEGANOK:

    Jun 2021 – Martini srl

    Nov 2020 – Tatanatura

    Sep 2020 – Interchem Italia … em-italia/

    May 2020 – Rebecchi Fratelli Valtrebbia … altrebbia/

    Feb 2020 – Azienda Agricola La Gentile di Caprarola … caprarola/

    Sep 2019 – Bio Logic … -deck-srl/

    Sep 2019 – Fattoria Pieve a Salti … e-a-salti/

    Apr 2019 – Vivibio

    Mar 2019 – Polisnack

    Feb 2019 – Riso Scotti

    Dec 2018 – Despar/Vergani … one-vegan/

    Sep 2018 – LEPO Pedrini Cosmetici … cosmetici/

    Aug 2018 – Vitarmonyl Italia … itarmonyl/

    Giugno 2018 – Birrificio San Gimignano … gimignano/

    Feb 2018 – Puglia Alimentari … limentari/

    Dec 2017 – Nattura … a-nattura/

    Nov 2017 – La Gentile di Caprarola … caprarola/

    Aug 2017 – Pietro Coricelli … -coricelli

    Feb 2017 – Eurospital … eurospital

    Dec 2016 – Choco Moments … io-veganok

    Oct 2016 – BioPuro … a-bio-puro

    Jun 2016 – CRM … io-veganok

    Dec 2013 – La Finestra sul Cielo … -sul-cielo

    May 2013 – Verde & Bio … a-verdebio

    May 2012 – Fattoria della Mandorla

    Oct 2010 – Bioenergeticlab … rgeticlab/