Organic wholegrain Flour of Timilia

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Product Description

Organic wholegrain Flour of Timilia Náttúra is obtained after milling the Timilia, a precious Sicilian ancient grain. It has a particular pale gray color, it is 100% whole to preserve most of the nutritional properties of the grain, the scents and the typical taste of this ancient grain. The Wholemeal flour of Timilia Náttúra is rich in fiber, manganese, zinc and iron, and has a low gluten Index. The Gluten Index indicates the quality, the strength, the toughness of the gluten and is determined by a mechanical extraction process (centrifugation) under particular conditions, which defines the strength of a flour. The measured value is less than 15 and is typical of the indigenous ancient grains and by far much lower than modern wheat. Ideal for making bread, cakes and pastries with a unique and distinctive flavor.

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Produced by Náttúra