Olio 31Elisir

Product Description

The oil 31 is a blend of 31 Natural oils extracts from berries, roots and medicinal plants. The Olio31 effect is very focused on: muscle and joint pain, respiratory organs, on the facial skin (anti-wrinkle, toning and softening), on tired feet, on flu symptoms, the headaches, bad on the breath, etc .. The 31elisir oil is also useful to wash and sanitize the floors, to be put in the iron to perfume the laundry when ironing, or for perfuming the environment when placed in perfume diffusers, etc .. It is used in very small quantities, the oil 31 is non-greasy, it absorbs quickly and then, thanks to its wonderful healing properties, it is very useful to be used in many ways and different situations.

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Produced by 1Elisir