Nutriva Isoflavones

Product Description

Dietary supplement adjuvant in alleviating disorders related to menopause. The drop in production of estrogen (the main female hormone) by the ovaries leads the body to a series of profound changes identifiable with hormonal and psychological changes. The most frequently  disorders are: hot flashes, cold sweats, fatigue, insomnia, nervousness, overweight, and mood disorders such as anxiety and depressive phenomena.

The association of phytoestrogens is particularly indicated to relieve symptoms of menopause. The red clover, thanks to the presence of antioxidants and phytoestrogens, is well suited to disorders related to menopause and pre-menopausal. The root of Kudzu thanks to the presence of isoflavones (daidzein and formonetin) is one of the main and most important alternatives to soybean for the contribution in isoflavones. Griffonia contains significant amounts of 5-hydroxy tryptophan (5-HTP), precursor of serotonin, which is involved in mood tone adjustment. The product is free of sugar, salt, starch, milk and derivates, gluten, yeast, soy, artificial colors and flavors, GMO.

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