Marco Mularoni – L’Altra Parte della Mente


Product Description

This new book represents the whole of the concepts already introduced between the lines of the novel OTHER PART OF THE MIND, an adventure novel with a natural hygienist background reported published in late 2018. It represents exclusively a collection of information in the form of scientific, statistical, medical, environmental data relating to the largest studies conducted at the international level on ENVIRONMENT and HEALTH.

The topics covered are:
– mental programs: what they are and how they condition our lives;
– the interconnection with the whole: how our choices influence not only our existence, but that of everyone;
– the environment: climate change is a consequence of our daily choices;
livestock farms: the lowest point touched by man, the greatest example of inefficiency, capable       of   destroying the planet;
– the health of the human being: how our daily choices, from a food and mental point of view,     condition our health and how it is closely linked to the surrounding environment.
All topics have been divided into chapters in order to make it easier to find and reading them. The advice, however, is to treat this document as an novel (even if it has nothing novel, there is nothing invented, there is no plot and there are no made-up places. These are topical issues that have been explored thanks to the following data and taken from the most authoritative official sources in the various sectors), in the sense that we recommend dispassionately to start at the beginning and read it page after page.
The author’s aim is to highlight the existence of a primordial common thread that binds the human being to everything around him, what hurts man hurts also to the environment and vice versa. And in any percentage of its totality will be taken into account this message, surely this new work will do some good. This is the most great satisfaction of the author.


Author: Marco Mularoni

Pages: 304

Publisher: THETA editions



Produced by THETA Edizioni