hydra-ultra C

Product Description

Antioxidant serum face and neck

Indications: hydra-ultra C serum is concentrated in cyclo-vitamin C, Cruox® and Oleox®. It has peculiar antioxidant effects, suitable for all types of skins and blemish: dark spots, impurities, redness, photo-aging, dilated pores.

Preparation of the concentrate: shake well Liquid activator and then add it to Cyclo-vitamin C powder until the little bottle is full. Shake well and store away from light and heat. Once prepared, the hydra-ultra C little bottle must be used within maximum 7 days. After 7 days, do not use the product eventually left.

Instruction for use: apply on skin, previuosly cleansed with hydra-milk cleanser or hydra-milk cleanser and aqua-comfort. Apply before any other bsoul product (serum and cream), then light massage to increase proper absorption. It can be used on face, neck and décolleté. Then apply serum and bsoul cream. Shake well before use. Use the dropper of the Liquid activator bottle to take the product.

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Produced by bSoul