Glutamine Gold

Product Description

Glutamine GOLD is a glutamine tablet supplement with certified Kyowa Quality®. This certificate means it contains glutamine from vegetable extract processed immediately after pruning, ensuring the glutamine maintains its original quality since it is extracted before the natural breakdown process. Glutamine is a conditioning essential amino acid produced by the body; however, during power-intensive sports or fitness overtraining, the body is unable to produce it in sufficient quantities. The supplement therefore allows the muscles to maintain the correct amount of this amino acid, preventing muscle proteolysis.
Glutamine GOLD contains HMB (hydroxy methyl butyrate), a leucine precursor amino acid that aids protein synthesis, favouring a better post-workout recovery in fitness and crossfit activities or after an intense training session or endurance competition. HMB has a significant ergogenic and anti-catabolic effect, significantly reducing training-derived muscle damage and therefore muscle pain and fatigue.
Glutamine GOLD is recommended for post-workout recovery also because it supports the immune system.
This supplement is suitable for all as it is lactose- and gluten-free.
Glutamine GOLD is a VeganOK® certified supplement.

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