Dol Alt Massage oil Arnica 100 ml


Product Description

DOL ALT MASSAGE OIL ARNICA: Arnica flowers is a plant known for decongestant and toning. Thanks to its richness in flavonoids and sesquiterpene lactones plays reactivating skin microcirculation

TOCOPHEROLS NATURAL (VIT. E): Vitamin E, extracted from Soy, is a powerful antioxidant, as it is able to neutralize the reactivity of free radicals, responsible for curbing the effects of oxidative stress of the cell damage.

Indications: oily concentrated extract of Arnica flowers, ideal for application with massage in case of alterations in muscle tone (contractures) and as a painkiller remedy in relaxing massage. Ideal in combination with DolAlt capsules.

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Produced by Qualiterbe