Day Mousse Magnifica

Product Description

Intense Day Face Treatment Anti-glycant and anti-oxidant for mature skin. As time goes on because of the glycation phenomenon, cells have slowed down functioning cycles and body proteins, including skin (collagen and elastin), diminish their action. This results in stiffening and loss of tone in the skin structure. Oxidation, on the other hand, is a process generated by external factors such as stress, UV rays, smoke, alcohol, pollution, which lead to the formation of highly reactive oxygen (single oxygen) species and free radicals. Tetrapeptides act as a “bait” for glycosylation reactions, thus allowing the slowdown of the glycosylation process of skin proteins, in particular collagen. In vitro tests have demonstrated the high anti-glycation and anti-oxidant activity of the product and the ability to effectively diminish the signs of time.

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Produced by Francy Bio-Culture