chrono-lift mask

Product Description

Chrono-aging mask. Wrinkles, thin skin, age, spots

Indications: chrono-lift mask is an easy-to-use and effective face mask, formulated with the most advanced technology. It is rich in vegetable active ingredients and it is able to give an immediate and long-lasting antiaging effect on face, neck and eye-contour wrinkles.

Instruction for use: apply a vial all over the face and neck including eye contour, previously cleansed with hydra-milk cleanser or hydra-milk cleanser and aqua-comfort.
Let it absorb for a few minutes and leave it on overnight.
The next morning, clean the skin as usual and proceed with your bsoul daily routine.
The effect of the face mask can be enhanced by applying the chrono-lift serum directly on face, lips and eye wrinkles.
Suggestions: start by doing a first cycle of chrono-lift mask every other night and, to maintain the result, do it twice a week.

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Produced by bSoul