Breast Firming Plumping Cream 75 ml

Product Description

Breast Firming Plumping Cream with Butcher’s Broom, Hops, Vitamin PP and Coenzyme Q 10.
Cream with a light texture and a rapid absorption, it has been specifically designed to renew the firmness of breasts giving a feeling of greater volume. As soon as applied, it envelops the epidermis with an impalpable micro elastic film that sustains and supports the breast with an instant tightening effect. Used daily, acts like a real natural remodeler that, day after day, fills out, firms and redraws the décolleté. Ideal for all women who want to improve the appearance of their breasts, it’s the perfect treatment even when the breast is relaxed and emptied due to rapid weight loss during menopause or after pregnancy and breastfeeding.
How to use: apply a sufficient layer of cream on the affected areas and massage until absorption.

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Produced by Cremeò