Partner – Valoritalia

Valoritalia, authorized by Mipaaf, is the leading Italian company in certification and controls for wines with Designation of Origin, Geographical Indication and wines with indications of the grape
variety and/or year.

The company guarantees the traceability of the product until its placing on the market, ensuring compliance with production standards for companies, institutions, and consumers. Ten years after its birth date, Valoritalia is rooted in most of the national territory with 35 offices, in which 220 women and men operate, supported by over 1000 external collaborators.

In addition to certifying 228 Denominations, equivalent to 50% of the national production of quality wines, Valoritalia also offers the certification of organic and integrated crop management production in the entire agri-food sector and it has also contributed to the establishment of propEqualitas, a company that promotes an innovative certification standard for environmental and social sustainability.

The company also provides voluntary certification services, developed in compliance with the main system and product standards, as well as in compliance with innovative and sustainability standards (EQUALITAS) and with other private ones (VINNATUR and VEGANOK).