Not only vegan

Verdechiaro is a take-away bistro with vegan gourmet cuisine, prepared with organic ingredients, mainly at km0, rich in creativity and inventiveness, with a strong traditional Sicilian component. A mix of flavors and creativity that every day satisfies a clientele who loves to eat with taste and in a healthy way.

Verdechiaro was born from the desire of Nello, chef and owner, and Daniela, landlady, to change their lifestyle through a healthy, tasty and conscious diet.
Verdechiaro is a relatively young reality, that from a food shop dedicated to organic, with a gastronomy department, which is increasingly valued over time, passes, in 2016, from “market” to “natural gastronomy”. This transformation, still underway, increasingly configures Verdechiaro as a natural bistro, with a strong vocation for high-level catering, without neglecting the take-away counter, gastronomy of excellence, which represents the soul of the offer of natural cuisine of Verdechiaro.

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