Vegan What?

Take Away Vegan Food
Strictly vegan

Home Take Away 100% vegan born in March 2020 in Gibraltar.
The menu consists of various types of Buddha Bowl, Smoothies with various nutritional properties, Legumes, Side dishes and various types of desserts such as Arianna’s Tiramisù. Vegan what? is a take away that bases its philosophy on conscious nutrition, the customer is free to compose his own bowl (which always has a salad base) as he sees fit by choosing from various foods available such as: avocado, hummus, vegetables, quinoa, rice, almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds etc. Its smoothies are innovative, characterized by beneficial properties for the body. You will find names like Detox, Beauty, Peanut, Muscle, Choco available with both soy and almond milk. Available also burgers, 100% vegetable, with mayonnaise and BBQ sauce as adds. Muffins, cakes and Arinna’s Tiramisù are the desserts that you can find on the menu. This second take away was opened by Arianna Giorgetti after the first commercial success obtained with Arianna Vegan Creations, where traditional Italian dishes have been revisited in a vegan key.