Un Equiseto

Un Equiseto is a restaurant and organic shop in Cervia, open every day from 9 am to 11 pm, both to shop for healthy, simple and controlled products and to stop and eat or take away balanced and always fresh preparations!

Un Equiseto is an ethical and sustainable project born in Bologna in the 90s and recently developed in Cervia, to promote a culture aware of food and lifestyle in their link with the health of people and the environment, for this reason are regularly organized cultural activities along these lines of thought.

An Equisetum uses only products “beyond the organic”, a phrase that indicates products exclusively selected for their organic certificate but above all chosen after control for the composition and balance of ingredients in each product, for their traceability, for their origin.

The philosophy of Un Equiseto is that quality must be within everyone’s reach, so their daily commitment is to always try to maintain the best quality at the most affordable price.

Cereals, vegetables, legumes, seitan, bread baked in a wood oven, natural sweeteners, jams. Everything is always just done, even the packaged products.

The restaurant is a cosy place, where the welcoming atmosphere infuses relaxation.

Every day at every meal you can find a veg menu cooked with the use of exclusively natural products and mineral water.

On Thursdays and Sundays evenings the menu is enriched with highly digestible plate pizza, with vegan dough, sourdough and vegetable fillings.

On Friday evening it is the turn of the very light vegan fried.

Each preparation is based on fresh seasonal products.
You can also book dinners, refreshments and pastries, cakes, pizzas by the cut.





Courses, workshops, conferences on the environment, agriculture, food and sustainable development are also organised regularly. Knowing to learn how to choose, take precautions and prevent.