Silvia Savegnago helps anxious women, stressed, with low energy, in the pre-menopausal or menopausal phase, new mothers who no longer recognize themselves physically, who feel stressed and have little time for themselves and sportsmen with muscle contractures, rigid back, with toxin overload in the tissues, to relax, increase physical energy, rediscover the pleasure of taking care of your body and enjoying yourself, find time for yourself, release muscle tension, relax your back, detoxify and oxygenate the tissues, so that they can live in harmony and serenity with your body, every phase and aspect of your life.

It takes care of guiding women, new mothers and sportsmen in the three fundamental areas to live an extraordinary and fulfilling life.

1- RELAXING AND ENERGY-EMOTIVE- PHYSICAL BALANCE by making the internal vital energies flow, infusing general well-being, positive psychophysical level, restoring elasticity, tone and performance to the body, through ayurvedic massage so as to rediscover the joy of pleasure and the well-being of moving freely.

2 – HEALTH AND NATURAL FOOD with detoxifying paths, following the guidelines of ‘AYURVEDA, which promote the proper functioning of the immune system and increase the psychophysical energy, helping to obtain a healthy tool for their longevity’.

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