Raffaella Ravasso

Dr. Raffaella Ravasso, born in Turin 21 June 1969, biologist vegan and co-owner along with Karin Ranzani Vegusto.it always has great and unconditional love for animals and a profound determination to make its maximum contribution to the protection, care and respect for animals. Its mission statement by Vegusto.it and his greedy line of alternatives to meat and cheese, is to save more ‘possible animals from slaughterhouses and fight for a world where animals are respected and loved for the wonderful creatures that are . Has been working with Dr. Massimo Tettamanti with whom in 2005 he wrote the “Ecology of nutrition” that analyzes the environmental impact of different types of power and actively supports the association I-CARE for finding alternatives to vivisection.Member of the Scientific Committee of vegan Italian Onlus Association.