Profumo di Sole

The first vegetal risto-bar is born in the centre of Pescara. It is a meeting point for lovers of fresh fruits and vegetables and not, prepared espresso to give life to fruit salads, fruit juices, smoothies, centrifuges, salads, soups and soups.
Eating in a healthy and genuine way without losing the pleasure of taste: breakfast, lunch, snack, aperitif and dinner in a warm and welcoming environment where in addition to nourishing the body you will also find food for the mind in our cultural corner.
To complete the service there is an excellent cafeteria and a fine selection of organic teas, infusions and herbal teas.
Profumo di Sole is also culture, permanent photographic and pictorial exhibitions, thematic events, exhibition spaces for artists: a combination of art, culture, music and a healthy and balanced diet.

Profumo di Sole is a fresh, innovative, light, full of energy, vital, dynamic and rich in ideas, proposals, different cultural projects, but harmoniously integrated, which are fed by the continuous ideas that they themselves, the projects, are able to produce. It proposes a new perspective in an animated, colourful, pleasant, fresh, delicate and gratifying space.

Perfume of the Sun colours your day with flavours and aromas: the energy of the fruit in the morning, the balance of the vegetal meal, the taste of the nutritious snack, the whim of a different dinner.
And to feed your mind and your heart, read the poetry of the day, look at the photos, contemplate the works on display, be surprised with some curiosity, listen to some music and relax.