Pintucci-Il gelato

Pintucci – Il Gelato is a project that takes shape and ispiration from “Pintucci – Il pane e la Pizza” and it’s based on an high-quality target, combined with an original proposal of products.
Pintucci – Il Gelato is a modern ice-cream parlour: inside a recently renovated shop, it explores the concept of ice-cream passing through an accurate choice of raw materials, focusing on seasonality, farm-to-table, organic and clean label ingredients. This to offer to its customers a wide range of experiences: it’ll be possible to find not only the good, fresh, daily maked ice-cream of the tradition but also a various choice of unusual ingredients, alcoholic sorbets, salted ice-creams, plate desserts, take away semifreddi.
Pintucci – Il Gelato moreover offers a coffee bar service, that allows its customers to consume its products comfortably seated.