He degree in Pharmacy at the University of Rome La Sapienza, continued studying the “disease linked to nutrition” with a continuous and thorough research both inside and outside the “institutional channels.” ECM teacher, author, along with Dr. Bietolini, the first course on vegan issues for pharmacists held by Federfarma in Rome was also formed with Prof. Franco Berrino, participating in the Master for Doctors held by the ASL of Imola entitled ” doctor in the kitchen “. Creator of the “Healthy Living” together with Dr. Mina Distratis, an integrated “training” project to learn more about their body and find the right solutions in harmony with the mind and spirit. Member of the Scientific Committee of Vegani Italiani Onlus Association. Project head of VEGANOK Pharmacies, alongside the profession of pharmacist as a professional musician with assets of numerous awards and international collaborations.