Panificio Grazi

Not only vegan

Grazi’s bakery, founded in 1935 by Livio Grazi and currently ran by his grandchildren Livia and Giulio, is the most ancient artisanal bakehouse in Rimini. It’s located close to the Malatesta castle in Via Circonvallazione Occidentale. The baker production is based on two main activities: traditional bread-making and pastry-making, using high-quality products as well as special flours such as multi cereal, spell, oat, rye, Kamut, corn and buckwheat. About a year ago vegan products have been introduced by Claudia Grazi. She makes her creations with love and passion, being vegan herself for ten years. The workplace and tools are separated to avoid contaminations from non-vegan ingredients. Vegan products are both salty and sweet. Amongst the pastries, we found cookies, brioches, kraften, pies, pluncacke and cakes. Salty products are crackers, cassoni, quiche, pizza.