Panetteria Raspa

The Raspa bakery is a historical activity, born from the passion of two young brothers who today, after 60 years, continues to grow and rise thanks to passion, experience and innovation. The structure has an impact and is clearly visible because it is located on a long-distance road. It is well attended at any time and is spread over 250 square meters of laboratory and 150 square meters used for sales. The staff, always kind and attentive, welcomes you to the counter to enjoy good breakfasts or buy products on display (Gambero Rosso 2018/2019). Lunch can be enjoyed outside on a large veranda, pleasantly kissed by the sun, or upstairs where there is a cozy loft. Legume soups, with vegetables, with cereals, vegan cakes, sliced vegetables, are just a few examples of what you can enjoy at Raspa. There is also a production of products with organic flours that come from their farm, certified organic.