Mister Pizza – Mestre

Founded in 2011 as a classic pizzeria, Mister Pizza grows and evolves to become a reference point for those suffering from food intolerances: celiac, lactose intolerant or even vegan.

They use certified and top quality ingredients to guarantee everyone a fantastic product and high digestibility. Pizza is for all!

The dough of their classic pizza is soft, with natural leavening of 24h, high edge, spread by hand, as per typical Neapolitan tradition and baked in the oven for a few minutes to have a fragrant pizza outside, soft and thinner at center.
The mission is to deliver to their customers a quality product, at a modest price, with respect for the seasonality and quality of the raw materials used. The inevitable Caputo flour for the dough, as well as the tomato sauce Torrente are just some of the good reasons to go and visit them.