Mirna Visentini has been working as a dietician for over 40 years.
She applies the dogmas of hygiene, i.e. health science.
He deals with food and nutrition, leading individuals or companies on a journey towards a greener diet.
For several years he has been campaigning for a natural diet with conferences in many cities in Italy, focusing on true cellular nutrition and respect for all forms of life.
He created the M.D.V. method, an acronym for Metodo Digestivo Veloce (Fast Digestive Method). This system – which does not include drugs, calorie counts or grams – leads in a short time to recover health and ideal weight.
He has written articles, brochures and finally a book on these topics: “The Comic Diet”.
He has participated in many events, television and radio broadcasts.
He loves talking to people for a long time to understand their discomforts and help them not only from a food point of view but also from a psychological one, as he says that “we are not only what we eat but also what we think”.
For at least twenty years she has been studying P.N.L. (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Alchemy, which have facilitated her in this mission.