Mirco Mazzotti, holistic and vegan, has been studying the vast world of vital energy and good holistic health with passion and care for many years, seeking the right balance between body, mind and spirit. After having read with great interest the teachings of the ancient spiritual masters of the Himalayas, he took a trip to India, where he met masters and authentic Vedic brahmins. There he found himself, between Bhakti Yoga (which teaches the preparation of food, obviously vegetable, experienced as spiritual meditation), the Mantras and the sound vibrations experienced as therapy. He understood that food not only affects the body, but also the state of mind and that, in addition to physical health, there are other important aspects related to the vegan choice: the mental, spiritual and karmic. Today he loves to cook. It’s his spiritual way of communicating with others. He organizes vegan cooking events with dinners, counseling, show cooking and various courses, both at home and in other private and public settings. His philosophy is very natural and simple: for the preparation of a good dish, no animal should be killed, mistreated or exploited.