Locanda del Gusto

The restaurant ‘Locanda del gusto’ is located in the birthplace of the famous writer Antonio Fogazzaro from Vicenza.

The activity started in November 2009 and is proud to be the first and only one to offer a cuisine exclusively vegan and 100% natural in the city of Vicenza. The soya and almond drinks, for the creation of some dishes and desserts, are self-produced, as well as millet meatballs, burger borlotti, pasta with whole flours and not. They also offer Jack Fruit (Jacko): an exotic fruit rich in vitamins and minerals, naturally gluten-free, wrapped in a curry sauce and coconut milk on a base of crispy rice (always self-produced). The sweets are also produced by them. The range of wines available is varied: Tai Rosso Piovene Porto Godi, organic Cabernet and Chardonnay, organic Prosecco and Durello. In summer, every second Sunday of the month, is proposed the Aperivegan: vegan aperitif. The restaurant consists of three separate rooms for a total of about forty seats. In the summer, a stallage is available outside in front of the room with tables.