Not only vegan

Leccabaffo was born in 2011 from a visionary idea of a pool of people, combined with a passion for Made Italy. The idea was to create an all-Italian answer, in its concept and its products, entirely based on the culinary excellence of tradition. In their food project they gave absolute priority to the quality and originality of the products chosen: the certification of all ingredients and their preparation, without preservatives, flavor additives or other chemical components such as colorants etc… To speed up the production process as much as possible, the recipes are prepared by different companies in a modified atmosphere or under vacuum, so that they maintain all the qualities of the fresh product. For a better service and preparation of the product, with minimum waste, we have chosen together with a world market leader to equip the stores with an oven that regenerates the product keeping it warm for more than 72 hours while maintaining all its properties. With the same care, the bread supplier was chosen, who pays particular attention to health and well-being, selecting the raw materials from the controlled and certified chain. At the same time, this company provides long periods of rest, processing and leavening for better digestibility. The company uses 22-hour chariots, mother yeast and olive oil without animal fats. Traditional Italian breads have been chosen. The Leccabaffo brand wants to open up its gastronomic experience to 360°, embracing every “culinary minority”: the objective is to also serve all those slices of the population that, for ethical reasons (vegans, vegetarians) or for health reasons (celiac, intolerant), can rarely approach a concept of traditional fast-food. As for the segment of celiac disease, perhaps the most delicate and neglected in Italy, has been provided a single station and independent for cooking and handling of products. In this way, any contamination with gluten is avoided. In addition to food, Lecabaffo premises are designed with a minimalist, simple and contemporary interior design using natural materials and a convivial and familiar atmosphere. The idea is to combine the traditional with the modern; the roots of tradition with the bases of innovation. The warm and welcoming atmosphere of the grandmother’s kitchen has been recreated and instilled in today’s society, where the latest generation technology enhances the unmistakable flavours of tradition. Emotionality reaches the customer through the ancient terracotta bowls, symbol of the preparation of the food of the past that will be used to present freshly baked sauces – whose scents will radiate in the surrounding environment to be placed in the hot bread.