Il Gelato di Jessica – Cesenatico

Jessica Galletti is the sole owner since 2014 of the ice cream parlor “Il Jelato di Jessica” in Cesenatico.
With a view to expanding the business, you founded JP SRL, aimed at opening new ice cream shops in the Romagna context.
The newly created ice cream shop that uses the “Il Jelato di Jessica” brand was also opened in Cesena in November 2020.
In the specific production of vegan ice cream, procedures have always been adopted to separate it from non-vegan ice cream, procedures that avoid any type of promiscuity: tools dedicated to
vegan production and, even in recent weeks, the purchase of an ice cream machine exclusively dedicated to the vegan line.
The ice cream production protocols both in the Cesenatico and Cesena offices (and in the future ones) are the same. The staff are also regularly trained to follow the directives that
see the 2 production lines (vegan and non-vegan) strictly separated.