Il Fiorino – Handmade Ice Cream

“Today, at the beginning of the third millennium, our company with its products and services branded IL FIORINO – Gelato Artigianale contributes to cheer the tables and palates of true connoisseurs by rediscovering the origins and ancient recipes of ice cream, a delicacy born in Florence in ‘500 at the court of the Medici … trying to bring back, in a globalized world, Florence and the CREATED ICE WITH FLORENCES to the highest levels.
splendors of yore! ”

Our company is the owner of a workshop for the production of artisan gelato in Florence, a city that history has designated to give natals to this delicacy of the palate in the distant Middle Ages at the court of the Medici Family, producing “Gelato, Sorbetti and Semifreddi artisan” and offers its products and services through the trademark “Il Fiorino”.

With its own organization, the company sells its ice creams, sorbets and artisan semifreddi on special occasions. We are able to offer in Italy and abroad a catering service of homemade ice cream “turnkey” to individuals and companies during events, creating with their own equipment special corners of administration and / or sales such as:
– corner of the ice cream sorbets and semifreddi craft with traditional shop windows
– the Ice-cream cart
– the ancient “Grand Ducal Glacier” also known as the “Ancient 1500s Basket”.
– the corner of the French crépes.

Our products, for about 15 consecutive years, are appreciated by an international audience at trade fairs and conferences at the fair and congress centers of Florence and Bologna.