Grezzo Raw Chocolate – Via Urbana

Grezzo raw chocolate , opened in 2014, is the first vegan raw food pastry in Italy where organic ingredients are cold worked to obtain superior quality products.
Grezzo raw chocolate offers exclusively vegan chocolate, sweets and ice cream, good, healthy, natural and sustainable, made with certified natural and organic raw materials, without ingredients of animal origin, without cooking and with natural low glycemic index.
The desserts and raw chocolate keep intact the important natural properties of their ingredients as they are not subjected to deep alterations due to cooking.
All products are made in its own artisan laboratory with manual processes that, for chocolate, start from the bean matured by fermentation, coming from organic and sustainable crops.
Grezzo raw chocolate’s commitment to sustainability is also reflected in its premises, made with ecological materials and characterized by the exclusive use of consumables of vegetable origin and biodegradable (paper, cups, cutlery, etc.).
All the products of Grezzo raw chocolate are also suitable for celiacs, intolerant to lactose, eggs, yeast and can be purchased in the premises of Rome and from the online store.