Gelato Elementare

Perhaps the name already says it all and defines the intention to make a very complex product as simple as possible: ice cream.
Gelato Elementare follows the trend of less is more: a real work of subtraction where all superfluous ingredients, industrial and chemical, are eliminated, in favor of essential and high quality raw materials. To obtain the best quality result, Gelato Elementare has chosen to select a single company for each type of dried fruit and chocolate, thus relating to Sicily for Pistachio, Piedmont for Hazelnut and Calabria for Almond.
As for fruit, however, the intention is to respect its seasonality with the aim of offering an ice cream that gives the sensation of biting into the fruit itself.
The tastes are displayed in two distinct and understandable categories for the most demanding customer.
The dairy-free flavors are aimed not only at those who are lactose intolerant but also at those who prefer a lighter and more digestible ice cream. So it was thought, in addition to the canonical fruit flavors, to also include the most popular almond, hazelnut, pistachio and chocolate in the lattosiofree version, balancing the ad hoc recipes for them.
To date, in these ice creams the presence of milk has been replaced by water, but there will also be space to experience the combination of the flavors of these lands with the most varied types of vegetable drinks: soya, oats, rice.