Gelateria Pasticceria Messina

The Messina pastry ice-cream parlour was founded in March 2015 and offers a wide range of ice creams and fruit flavoured ice-creams. Their activity was born and continues with the mission to create a high quality product suitable for all the needs of their customers. In these years they have gained a lot of experience and professionalism in the production and sale of a healthy and genuine product, made with fresh and first quality ingredients.
All the production of ice cream takes place in their laboratory on a daily basis, in order to give the customer a product that is always fresh and handmade.
In recent times they have decided to expand their production taking into account, in a more complete way, the needs of vegan customers. In fact, in addition to the already extensive production of fruit ice cream without the use of ingredients derived from animals, has been added a line of creams based on rice milk, finding an important success.
Special attention has also been paid to those who have problems with blood sugar and celiac disease, through a line of gluten-free ice cream and with the replacement of sugar with stevia. The available cones and wafers are also suitable for vegans and celiacs.