Gelateria Mamma Mia

The Mamma Mia ice cream shop was founded in 2010. First located inside the shopping center of Antegnate, then moved in 2017 inside the municipal park.
The owner Giorgio Chiari, for many years has studied independently how to create a vegan base. The final goal was to make it as natural as possible and at the same time good and creamy, to offer a valid alternative to traditional ice cream. The result obtained was decidedly excellent. The product, which is obviously free of ingredients of animal origin, is tasty, creamy and, in most preparations, is free of allergens, except for flavors prepared with nuts (hazelnut, pistachio and almonds). The product does not contain soya as it is rice based.

The customer reviews are very good, as it is very appreciated the level and quality of ice cream, as well as the location is very welcome.

Particular attention is paid to the vegan breakfast. In fact, you can sip an excellent soya cap and enjoy a vegan brioche surrounded by greenery in the municipal park.