Gelateria Cioccolateria Daniela

From a long experience gained in his hometown, in 2013 the Gelateria Chocolateria Daniela di Gallinella Giuliano was born in Terni where, with hospitality and courtesy, he welcomes all his customers together with his wife Daniela.
Giuliano produces chocolates, semifreddo desserts and ice creams with quality raw materials, careful and scrupulous to guarantee a final product as healthy as possible and always in line with the consumer’s needs.
The passion for his work leads Giuliano to prepare an ice cream with only natural ingredients, selected raw materials, without preservatives, dyes, synthetic additives, hydrogenated fats, thus creating a 100% gluten-free ice cream and for a good 40% of creams and fruit (strictly fresh and in season) without milk and milk proteins.