Flower Burger – Verona

Flower Burger is the first Veganburgery of Italy. Once you cross the threshold of the place you leave behind the hectic pace of city life to be greeted by a friendly atmosphere that winks to the hippie culture, enjoying burger 100% vegan. It will not be uncommon to sit at the table with other guests in a spirit of sharing and joy!

Forget about sad food and dull colors: the burgers on the Flower Burger menu are colorful, made from the highest quality ingredients, beautiful to look at and above all good to eat! Tofungo, Flower Burger and Cheesy Cecio are just some of the proposals offered accompanied by baked potatoes scented with paprika.

The bread, handmade like sauces and patties, ranges from turmeric to the now iconic black vegetable charcoal to bread with 7 cereals. The restaurant has walls with colorful graphics and psychedelic Yellow Submarine, mixed with furniture in natural wood and enameled iron. Behind a 70’s coloured curtain is the kitchen: a real visible laboratory!