Farmhouse Samadhi

The Samadhi farm is a regenerating paradise, an ancient estate, a huge garden with swimming pool, playground and yoga room… and in addition, crystal clear seas, historical and cultural attractions, concerts, festivals and festivals.
Healthy and tasty food, organic, vegan, self-produced.
Ayurvedic, macrobiotic, traditional, cruel cuisine.
Alternative energy sources, sustainable transport, ecological materials, separate collection, recycling, composting… towards zero waste!

The dishes are prepared almost exclusively with the ingredients of their gardens or in any case organic products at zero km that offer maximum freshness and bioavailability. Each meal is served on the sunny terrace overlooking the land where they are grown with love their fruits and vegetables.

In the preparation of their dishes there is always the search for something that goes beyond the concept of ‘good’ and ‘typical’: a diet that is tasty but also and above all healthy, creating natural recipes, light and balanced.

The philosophy of the Samadhi farm is that good and healthy must be synonymous: this is their starting point in the preparation of the dish.