Essenza – Love Natural Food

Understand the needs and expectations of those who eat outside the home, for work or simply for the pleasure of being with others. The staff of Essenza wondered if a working lunch should necessarily be long, boring, bare, with little attention to detail. The answer was: no! So they created the buffet of Essenza. A quick lunch break; generous, thanks to the 26 courses available with which you can compose your dish; cheap, thanks to the “weight and pay” system at a fixed price; classy, thanks to a finely finished environment and stylized complements that fill the view.

Every day, in addition to the buffet, you can order a dish of soup or hot velvet based on seasonal ingredients and strictly organic. Rediscover the flavours of the Maremma tradition.

It’s dinner time and the Essenza buffet is enriched by some proposals of express first courses, designed and cooked by our chefs.

Dinner, the most convivial moment of the day, offers the opportunity to compose the dish according to your taste, a round of appetizers, a break with friends, to talk, the opportunity to choose one of the three first express quality, another round of buffet for the second and then the extraordinary sweets of their pastry. All this between a chat and another, or a reading, or waiting for one of the many evening events organized by the staff.