Domenico Manfredi

Master Pastry Chef

His professional career began as many boys at the age of 12 with an intense apprenticeship in the bakery of mother Giuseppina D’elia, which since 1972 founded the present Pasticceria D’elia. In the early years of the pastry D’elia he began with the production of local sweets. But the passion for this work pushed the pastry chef Domenico Manfredi wineskin to go and try to specialize in the best possible way, so to succeed in this work and began to practice in the laboratories of leading bars and cake shops of Salerno where he received the title of Pastry. He also participated in national and international competitions of pastry and distinguished himself with the top positions. He is currently writing to the Italian Confectioners Federation, the Federation of Chefs of the province of Salerno in association confectioners Despite Neapolitans twenty years of work has gained an enviable professionalism never ceases to study and follow courses mainly in Artistic creative.