BioFarm – Orto

You can rent a seasonal-kitchen garden at our BioFarm, where our staff of expert farmers and agronomists will look after the vegetable farming, leaving the families participating in the project the pleasure of gathering genuine, fresh nourishing vegetables!

Finally you will get to see the “picture” and “ethics” of those who produce your vegetables…

Producing your own vegetables is not only a way of life, but also brings a series of undoubted advantages, in fact it is a good and economical, healthy eco-sustainable choice.

– HEALTHY because we can be sure of what we are eating
– ECO-SUSTAINABLE because instead of travelling hundreds of miles to reach your table, the vegetables are gathered in your kitchen garden just a few steps from Rome.

and therefore is:
– GOOD because it is genuine and fresh
– ECONOMICAL because being only zero miles away saves you money!