Bengio Bar

Not only vegan

In 2019, the Bengio bar gelateria celebrated 35 years of activity. Love, passion and care in the selection and processing of raw materials are the secret to create unique and inimitable ice cream. Their philosophy is to believe that there is nothing more beautiful than to give their customers products born from an exquisitely perfect experience, a sweet soundtrack that accompanies the good moments that gives life. The restaurant is open 24 hours non-stop. It starts in the morning, offering customers delicious breakfasts, and the menu is also attentive to vegan consumers.

The day continues with the opportunity to enjoy cold dishes with a selection of products at zero km. Also here attention to vegan consumers. In the afternoon you can tickle something with rich appetizers and fresh centrifuged. The evening is dedicated to their selection of cocktails and tasty ice creams. The restaurant is located in Salento, in Santa Caterina Marina, in the municipality of Nardò. One of the most evocative stretches of coastline of the magical Salento.