Paradiso – Pizzeria Ice Cream Shop

We are located in Trequanda, an Italian town of 1228 inhabitants in the province of Siena, Tuscany.
Here is the Pizzeria Gelateria Paradiso, which has been transformed from traditional to 100% vegan.


Giorgio Perinti, owner of the company, says that also this second time, as for his other activity, the Ciriera, it was important to firmly believe in its values, to be able to create a new pizza menu with totally vegetable ingredients eliminating all those of animal origin.

And thanks to the skill of Chef Federica Acciai, Giorgio’s wife and pupil of Maestro Emanuele Di Biase, the new pizzas are already winning over all customers, even the most skeptical ones. Giorgio says that 80% of the customers have not let themselves be discouraged by the change and on the contrary they are enjoying the new proposals with joy!
The restaurant offers not only pizza, but also super tasty 100% vegan ice cream, the brand new Beyon Meat sandwiches, and the Portobello Burger.